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  1. C10C / 1.0214 - SteelNumber - Chemical composition ...

  2. Equivalent Grades ALLOY STEEL - 4.imimg.com

    Equivalent Grades ALLOY STEEL Equivalent Grades Internal Standard BS DIN IS EN SAE/AISI EN18 530A40 37Cr4 40Cr1 EN18 5140 EN24 817M40 34CrNiMo6 40NiCr4Mo3 EN24 4340 EN19C 709M40 - 40Cr4Mo3 EN19C 4140,4142 EN19 709M40 42Cr4Mo2 40Cr4Mo3 EN19 4140,4142 EN18D 530A40 37Cr4 40Cr1 EN18D 5140

  3. Steel Grade Equivalent Table (EN, SAE/AISI, UNS, DIN, BS ...

    Steel Grade Equivalent Table (EN, SAE/AISI, UNS, DIN, BS, UNI, JIS) The table below compares common grades of materials from various international specifications. Note that materials compared are the nearest available grade and may have slight variations in actual chemistry.

  4. 11SMn30 ( 1.0715 ) - Steel Number

    11SMn30 ( 1.0715 ) Weldability: Due to the high sulphur and phophorus content free-cutting steels not destined to heat treatment are not generally recommended for welding. Machinability: This steel grade is marked by a good machinability on machine tools and by an easy fragmentation of chips.

  5. S10C Japan Structural steel - equivalent grades

    71 - Low-carbon steel wire 72 - Medium-high and high-carbon steel wire S10C Japan Structural steel: Equivalent Grades for Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstanc10c steel us equivlent

  6. DC01 ( 1.0330 ) - Steel Number

    Chemical composition % of steel DC01 (1.0330): EN 10130-2006 Unless otherwise agreed at the time of enquery and order, this grade may be supplied as alloy steel (for example with boron or titanium) C

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    Equivalent Grades : Equivalent Grades Exporter Contact Us For High Quality Equivalent Grades. At JB Steel we pride ourselves on always putting the customer first. We help make stainless solutions simple for you by ensuring satisfaction through high delivery performance, flexibility and extensive service.

  8. EN 1.0214 (C10C) Non-Alloy Steel :: MakeItFrom.com

  9. Material specification sheet Saarstahl - C10C

    Material group: Cold heading and cold extrusion steel according to DIN EN 10263-2 Chemical composition: (typical analysis at Saarstahl in %) C Si Mn P S Al 0,10 max. 0,10 0,40 max. 0,025 max. 0,025 0,04 Deviation in chemical composition on request Application: Steel rod, bars and wire for cold heading and cold extrusion; steel not

  10. Table of Steel Equivalent Grades (EN, SAE/AISI, UNS, DIN ...

  11. Types of steel and standards - Metalwire

    Steel grade Code Standard Description c10c steel us equivlent C10C 1.0214 EN 10263 Cold heading wire C15C 1.0234 EN 10263 Cold heading wire C4D 1.0300 EN 10016-2 Wire from unalloyed steel c10c steel us equivlent Types of steel and standards Metalwire BV Venrayseweg 128 NL-5961 NT Horst Tel: +31 (0)77 398 5300

  12. Comparison of specifications (analysis) based on EN

    (*2) Based on estimated mechanical properties - no real equivalent (*3) Near equivalent only unless shown in italics, which is direct equivalent EN 10277 Pt2 (steels for general engineering purposes) European raw material black bar standard Classification - non-alloy quality steels Comments BS 970 (*3) Pt3 1991 unless stated American ASTM A29 " !

  13. SWCH12A and SWCH12R material - Automotive Engineering ...

    Nov 07, 2005 · SWCH12A and SWCH12R material. The closest equivalent is CC 11A according to ISO 4954 or C10C (1.0214) according to DIN EN 10263-2. SWCH10R and SWCH12R are rimmed steels, meaning that they are not deoxidized (no Si or Al intentionally added). SWCH10R is equivalent to CC 11X according to ISO 4954. DIN EN 10263 requires all steels to be deoxidized.

  14. S355J2 Steel Grade, Mechanical Properties, Chemical ...

    S355J2 Steel Grade, Mechanical Properties, Chemical Composition, Grade Equivalent Standard: EN 10025-2:2004, European standard for hot-rolled structural steel. Part 2 - Technical delivery conditions for non-alloy structural steels.

  15. C40 steel, C40 steel Equivalent grades - Steel Exporter ...

    C40 steel. EN 10083 C40 steel is meduim Carbon Steel which is similar to low carbon steel except that the carbon ranges from 0.30 to 0.60% & the manganese from 0.50 to 1.65%. Increasing the carbon content is approximately 0.5% with an accompanying increase in manganese allows medium carbon steel to be used in the quenched & tempered conditions.

  16. Global Steel Wire iron and steel company

    Wire rod for cold heading. The rod is rolled from 180 x 180 mm blooms of assured surface quality. Rolling process in strictly controled by computer for different parameters, allowing to get a product with a quality level which exceeds the requirements of EN 10221 Clase D. Partial: Less than 1% of rod diameter. Free of total decarburization.

  17. Compression Behavior of DIN C10C and SAE-AISI 1010 Steels ...

    It has been reported that spacer bolts produced with materials considered to be equivalent in Europe and North America (DIN C10C and SAE-AISI 1010 steels) behave different during riveting, even though they have very similar chemical compositions and are delivered with a similar UTS and ductility.

  18. What is the equivalent to EN-10263-2-C4C steel - Answers

    Hot-rolled steel plate Q235A. Equivalent standard: JIS G3103/ JIS G3106/ ASTM A283/ EN10025/ ISO630 *Please notice that Q235A Chinese steel has exact equivalent by EuroNorms only.

  19. Compression Behavior of DIN C10C and SAE-AISI 1010 Steels ...

  20. Din En 10263 Equivalent - pdfsdocuments2.com

    Din En 10263 Equivalent.pdf Free Download Here c10c steel us equivlent Cross reference of STANDARDS for Equivalent Grades of Steel www.spacersandwashers.com 6. COLD HEADING QUALITY STEEL - CHQ BS DIN IS EN SAE/AISI JIS Material conversion table DATA SHEET 1 of 5 - PandID B.V. c10c steel us equivlent Specification Number. 1010 C4C or C10C. QST 32-3 or QST c10c steel us equivlent

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